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Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress.

About Your Chapter

Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress. By representing you, our community, it is important that you keep us informed of your needs as a member of the Druze faith, and of the challenges that may be facing you as a family. Your concerns and feedback are always welcome and will certainly be addressed. Your involvement in this society is crucial for its growth and prosperity. We owe it to our children to provide them with a solid community of friends and family with whom they can interact, share, and learn. Your support and trust in our abilities as a Board is what we respectfully ask for. Together we can work side by side for the betterment of our great society.

Shadi Mokarem


Shadi has lived in DC for 29 years, and has been a member of the ADS ever since his Father Faouzi Mokarem was a local and National President of the ADS. He is the founder of Met Contractors, Met Painters & Mokarem Management and also the Co-Founder and Managing partner at District Construction Corp.

Shadi has served on the ADS board for the past 8 years as a VP, Treasurer and a board member.

Having established his first own business when he was 25 years old, and being a CPA for the past 15 years, Shadi’s entrepreneurial and managements skills will help both the chapter and the community advance beyond the conventional norm and into the new era of growth.

Shadi is married to Kerin, and they have 3 beautiful children: Leila, Max and James.

Nadine Shakra

Vice President

Nadine graduated from the AUB in 2006, with a BA in Business Administration, and worked in Corporate Banking for 6 years. She moved back to DC in 2014 and served on the ADS DC Chapter as a board member first and then as a Secretary.

Nadine currently works for CODEplus, and is the mother of 3 beautiful kids Tammer, Karma and Raya.

Amal Baki


Amal has lived in the Washington DC area for the over 15 Years. She is married to Monah Abdul-Baki and they have two beautiful children, Salem and Sarah.

Amal is a graduate of George Mason University and held a Certified Public Accountant designation in the Commonwealth of Virginia Since 2001.

Sara Kassamani


Sara moved to Houston, TX from Beirut about 8 years ago to attend graduate school. She then moved to the Washington, DC area after getting married to Amid Kaassamani.

Sara is an energy economist and consultant working at a global consultancy firm in Washington, DC. She completed her BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut, and has multiple Masters Degrees from Rice University in Economics, Political Science, and Statistics.

Sara enjoys cooking, travelling, exercising and staying active.

Nader Elawar


Dipping Sauce Connoisseur & Coffee Aficionado | Basketball & Motorsport Enthusiast | Self Proclaimed Mafia Movie Expert | Steve Jobs Admirer | Millennial

Mounir Amer


Mounir is a DC area business professional employed by the US Patent and Trademark office. Mounir moved from Lebanon several years back to attend George Mason University where he majored in Electrical Engineering. As a devout member of the ADS DC chapter, Mounir looks forward to working with our Druze youth to empower them to be the future of our faith. Mounir enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends and traveling.

Wael Ali

Board Member

Wael Ali is the President and CEO of Spin Systems, Inc., where he leverages his business expertise, professional skills and extensive experience to provide executive oversight and strategic direction. Wael has served on the ADSDC Chapter twice as a President, once as a Vice President, once as the Treasurer and other times as a board member. Wael is married to Dema Elawar and have 2 lovely children Zain and Noor.

May Andari

Board Member

May has been an active member of the ADS since the 1980’s and has served in the Washington, D.C. Chapter for the last several years. She was Chairwoman of the ADS Ladies Auxiliary of Washington, D.C. from 2014-16, and looks forward to serving on the board to support the Druze community in our area.

May returned permanently to northern Virginia about seven years ago, after retiring to Lebanon in 1995 with her late husband, Yousif Andary. May enjoys her spare time with her grandchildren, Jenna and Mia, and her daughter and son-in-law, Dunia and Salah. May is dedicated to fitness and loves to join and help organize hikes for the ADS.

Rania Chaya

Board Member

Rania grew up in the Washington, D.C. area. She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Business Management. She currently works for the City of Alexandria. She has been involved with the ADS and is looking forward to serving our community.

Nazek Khazam

Board Member

Nazek Khazam moved to the US from Lebanon in the 1980s and was immediately welcomed into the ADS community in Southern California. She was inspired by their hard work, dedication and commitment to building a sense of community and maintaining the Druze cultural traditions. Since then, she has been actively involved with the ADS from serving on the ADS ladies auxiliary board to helping establish the Arabic school in the Southern California chapter. In addition to being an active board member, she volunteered as an Arabic teacher for over 9 years helping students learn our language and culture. Her unique ability to build relationships and bring people together are felt throughout the community.

Nazek was as a bilingual educator and cultural advisor in California for over 20 years. She is a unifying force, a wonderful mother and embodies an optimistic spirit.  We are excited to welcome Nazek as a community leader and member of the DC Chapter.