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Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress.

About Your Chapter

Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress. By representing you, our community, it is important that you keep us informed of your needs as a member of the Druze faith, and of the challenges that may be facing you as a family. Your concerns and feedback are always welcome and will certainly be addressed. Your involvement in this society is crucial for its growth and prosperity. We owe it to our children to provide them with a solid community of friends and family with whom they can interact, share, and learn. Your support and trust in our abilities as a Board is what we respectfully ask for. Together we can work side by side for the betterment of our great society.

Samar Abilmona


Samar Fayad Abilmona born in Lebanon, and moved to Virginia during High School age in mid 70s. She was married to late Hassan Abilmona and raised a family of four loving children: Shadi, Zeina, Sandra, and Sally.

She achieved certificates in Office Administration at NOVA and TV & Radio Announcing at Columbia School of Broadcasting. Professionally, she is known as Summer Belman and has achieved multiple awards during hotel sales management positions in DC and was an active member of NTA, SGMP, CMP & DC CVB since 2005 until March 2020 when business was shut down due to COVID-19.


Samar has been an active member of the ADS DC Chapter since the early 80s and served one term as VP then as Committee Chair of the outing event (Odyssey Cruise) during the ADS National Convention in 2009. She is very passionate about family ties and dream of having a large community that enjoys great cultural, educational, and fun events in an ADS community center in the near future.

Amid Kasamani

Past President

Amid moved to the United States over 24 years ago, and graduated from George Mason University in Virginia with a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems and a Computer Science minor. He then acquired his Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, from George Washington University.

He currently works at a federal contracting firm in the Washington D.C. area, through which he proudly supports the U.S. government as an IT Program Director.

Amid is an active member of the Washington DC community who served as a board member on the Chapter’s board from 2009 – 2011 and most recently as a Vice President from 2019 – 2021. He also served on the ADS National Board as the ADYA National Director from 2010 – 2013. In addition, Amid was on the Convention Executive Committee and helped plan five National Conventions from 2009 – 2013. Throughout his service, he helped establish and support the American Druze Young Adults (ADYA) vision of energizing the youth across the nation by developing programs that focus on professional networking, educational support, charity involvement, and leadership development.

He is married to his lovely wife, Sara El-Hakim, and is a proud father of his sons, Theo, Jude, and Julian.

Rasha Obaid

Vice President

Rasha Obaid is a community organizer and co-founder of Syriana Café and Gallery, a cultural restaurant in Ellicott City, MD focused on empowering Syrian refugees and preserving Syrian culture. She believes in the value of cherishing the various aspects of our identities and build bridges with others along them. As a descendant of Swaida, Syria, Rasha has been active in supporting efforts to bring together the Swaida community around their shared regional cultural heritage through the Swaida American Society (SAS). Similarly, as a proud Druze, Rasha joined the ADS DC Chapter, hoping to serve the American Druze community in the DC area by supporting its outreach efforts and help organize activities to bring the community closer.

Angie fayad

Secretary / Technical Director

Angie is a Lebanese-American native of Washington, DC who earned her degree in Management Science and Statistics, Decision Information Technology from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland College Park.  As a minority in her field of work, she has excelled in her technical career and focuses on providing enterprise quality services and solutions for small businesses.  She is proud to work for a woman-owned government contractor, located in Ballston, Arlington, Virginia, where she is the Director of Network Operations and Information Security. 

Angie is excited to utilize her professional experience to assist her home ADS Chapter continue to provide enriching cultural activities and services that benefit the greater community.

Nada Abdul-Baki Charafeddine


Nada was born in Lebanon and moved to the USA at the age of 18. She graduated from the University of Missouri, with a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a double major in Finance & Economics.  She continued for a MBA degree in Finance and another Master’s degree in Accountancy, both from The George Washington University. 

Nada worked in the field of investment banking as a Finance Associate at Middle East Capital Group and Gulf Finance Corporation in Beirut, Lebanon. In addition, she held a Sr. Financial Analyst position at Purdue University Investment Office.  

Nada has been an active member of the ADS DC Chapter for numerous years. She organized and presented two Junior Achievement Financial Literacy Workshops for the young youth and helped coordinate youth activities at the DC Convention. In addition, Nada is an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary, assisting with fund raising projects and speaker events related to women’s health and the arts.

Nada, the daughter of the late Dr. Assaad & Mrs. Wafia Abdul-Baki, is married to Dr. Riad Charafeddine and blessed with two lovely children, Ziad and Aida. She is committed to the continued success and progress of the ADS DC Chapter.   

Maya Sangid

ADYA Director

Maya Aboulhosn Sangid is a George Mason Honors College graduate who majored in Public Health. With both her parents being born and raised in Lebanon, Maya spends her summers in Lebanon yearly. Due to her strong connection to our Druze roots, she’s always been eager to preserve the Middle Eastern cultures and religion in our ADS community and therefore strives to strengthen our Druze community here in the States.

Maya has also been an active ADS member attending ADS events since she was very young. With her experience being born and raised here in the US with her ADS community, coupled with understanding the value of our Druze roots, Maya is excited to take on this opportunity as ADYA DC Director. She hopes to further expand, connect and involve the ADYA of DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia and Fredericksburg.

Ida Abijomaa

ADYA Vice Director

Ida Abijomaa is an American born Lebanese who graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a double major BA in Secondary Education and English Literature. She then acquired her Master’s degree from American University in Education Leadership and Policy. Ida currently works as a 8th grade English Language Arts teacher at Montgomery County Public Schools. She has been attending ADS events since she was a child including National conventions and loves the ads community. In addition, she loves the culture and friendship the ads community has created. She is so excited to be serving the ADS as the ADYA Vice Director! 


Amal Fayad

Board Member

Amal Halabi Fayad was born in Mtein North of Lebanon. She is married to Moufid Fayad from Sofar, Lebanon. Amal has a son named Michael who is 13 years old. Amal came to the United States of America in 2006. Her first job was working in child care in order to be with her son. Currently she is an Assistant Cafeteria Manager at the Spotsylvania County School.

Amal is a very energetic person who loves to live life to the fullest. She loves to bring people together. She is proud to be part of the board of the ADS Chapter of Washington D.C. 

Ghassan khalek

Board Member

Ghassan was born in Lebanon and moved to the U.S. in 1972. He graduated from George Washington University in 1980 with B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He then acquired his master’s degree in Engineering Management in 1984. Ghassan currently works for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and has been there since 1984.

Ghassan has been an ADS member for the past 48 years. He attended over seventeen ADS conventions, the first being in West Virginia in 1975. Ghassan held several positions on the Washington DC Chapter Board in the past including President and Vice President. In addition, he previously served on the ADS National Board for four years.

Ghassan is married to Iman Khalek and has two children, Ronny and Lara.

Zaina Rasamny

Board Member

Zaina brings a unique multicultural background, having lived in Dubai and Lebanon. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Information and Decision Systems from the esteemed American University of Beirut. Passionate about technology, continuous learning, and making a positive impact, Zaina excels as a Software Release Specialist. She is optimistic that her drive, desire to help others, and global mindset will help add tremendous value to the DC chapter. 

karim ismail

Board Member

Karim has a passion for modern technology as well as anything involving the automotive world. Currently working at an Aviation Association managing all airports in the country’s Certified Badging and Training Systems with the FAA.

Born in Lebanon and moved to United States with his family in 2001. Karim has been a part of the ADS through his family and self involved for several years. Having Karim’s family keeping him involved with the community, Karim grew a bond to the experience of keeping the roots of the Druze community involved within the youth and looks forward to the opportunity of being a board member to provide his best effort to the DC chapter.

Walid Harb

Board Member

Walid Harb, born in Damascus, Syria, in 1947, has been living in the United States since 1969, where he enjoyed a long career in the food and beverage and hospitality industries, managing and directing hotels in Washington DC, Virginia, and Texas. His involvement with the ADS started in 1980, when he served as the president of the DC Chapter until 1982. He then served as a national board member for two terms, between 1982 and 1988, as well as provided community service whenever needed. In 2000, he was asked to serve as a board member of the American Druze Foundation, a position that he held for a total of four terms until 2015. After moving to Texas for five years, Walid rejoined the Druze community in the Washington DC area in 2020, when he volunteered at different activities, including at the 2021 national convention, when he proudly received an Achievement and Dedication Award. Most recently, Walid was nominated as a board member of the DC Chapter for the 2023-2025 term. Throughout the years, Walid proudly attended a total of 37 national conventions. He married Mona Abilmona in 1978, and together have two children, Layla and Recaan Harb. They currently live in Springfield, Virginia.