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Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress.

About Your Chapter

Our vision embodies the determination to take action and the desire to promote togetherness, unity, social responsibility and progress. By representing you, our community, it is important that you keep us informed of your needs as a member of the Druze faith, and of the challenges that may be facing you as a family. Your concerns and feedback are always welcome and will certainly be addressed. Your involvement in this society is crucial for its growth and prosperity. We owe it to our children to provide them with a solid community of friends and family with whom they can interact, share, and learn. Your support and trust in our abilities as a Board is what we respectfully ask for. Together we can work side by side for the betterment of our great society.

Dr. Ronny Sangid


Dr. Ronny Sangid was born in Lebanon but moved to Richmond, Virginia at a young age to complete his studies. After graduating from VCU Dental School, he moved up to Northern Virginia where he has been living for the past thirty-one years. Ronny is married and has four children who are all honored to be apart of the Druze community.  


Amid Kasamani

Vice President

Amid moved to the United States over 20 years ago, and graduated from George Mason University in Virginia with a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems and a Computer Science minor. He then acquired his MBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management from George Washington University.

He currently works at a federal contracting firm in the Washington D.C. area, through which he proudly supports the U.S. government as an IT Program Manager.

Amid is an active member of the Washington DC community who served as a board member on the Chapter’s board from 2009 – 2011. He also served on the ADS National Board as the ADYA National Director from 2010 – 2013. In addition, Amid was on the Convention Executive Committee and helped plan five National Conventions from 2009 – 2013. Throughout his service, he helped establish and support the American Druze Young Adults (ADYA) vision of energizing the youth across the nation by developing programs that focus on professional networking, educational support, charity involvement, and leadership development.

He is married to his lovely wife, Sara El-Hakim, and is a proud father of his son, Theo Adam.



Hinda was born in Beirut Lebanon to Toufic and Ina’am Al-Awar. Her favorite childhood memories were the summers she spent roaming the mountain near her grandparents’ house in Kernayel, Lebanon.

Hinda studied at the Beirut Evangelical School for girls then graduated from National Cathedral School in Washington DC. She has a Bachelors Degree in business administration from Mount Vernon College. Hinda went on to receive teaching certification from East Carolina University and she holds a Masters Degree in elementary education from Walden University. She also achieved National Board Certification in Teaching in 2002. She has recently retired from teaching after 25 productive years. 

In 1982 she married Ghazi Al-Awar and they are the parents to Rania, Sara, and Jumana. She is honored to be on the ADS DC Board and to serve her community.

Shawkat Ahmadieh


Shawkat graduated from the University of Tulsa, OK with a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  He held different management positions with EDS, Concert Management Services (a BT & MCI Alliance), Cisco and now is a Quality Engineering Senior Director at Cvent (a provider of Event Management solutions). 

Shawkat is Married to Selwa Zaineldeen Ahmadieh and both are blessed with three children (Nabeel, Ameera and Sameer).  Shawkat and family have been living in the DC area since 1990 and has been an active member of the ADS since 1986.  

Shawkat has been a volunteer of the society for years and had served in different capacities, a president of the Michigan Chapter, as well as all different board positions for the Washington DC. chapter.  

In 2016, Shawkat had the honor and privilege to chair the ADS national convention in DC.  The convention attracted more than 1000 attendees and showcased the true spirit of a community that bonded together to welcome ADS families and friends from everywhere.

Omar Ezzeddine

ADYA Director

Omar graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA with a B.S. degree in Forensic Science and a double minor in Chemistry and Biology. He began his professional career processing high-throughput DNA and soon after moved to ballistic analysis. He recently returned his focus to DNA and currently works at a federal contracting laboratory in Rockville, MD.

Omar has been living in the D.C. area since 1999, which has grown his love for what Virginia represents. He enjoys the history, iconic monuments, and the amazing community behind it all. Throughout his high school tenure, Omar was active in sports playing football and achieving “all region” honors in wrestling with recognition at the state level.

This year, Omar has had the honor and privilege to be appointed the ADYA Director for the Washington D.C. chapter. This marks his first year as an active member in the ADS community. His goal is to focus on strengthening the connections between young adults through fun and exciting events.

Jana Chaaban

Board Member

 Jana was born in Alberta, Canada to parents Wajdi and Maha Chehayeb and lived in Aley, Lebanon from ages 6-10. Jana relocated from Alberta to Maryland in August 2013 upon marrying her beloved husband Zouhair Chaaban. In September 2017, Jana and Zouhair were blessed with the birth of their daughter Grace.  

 Jana graduated in 2010 from the University of Alberta School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce and attained her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) designation in 2017. She has a combined 6 years’ experience in the fields of staffing and human resources and currently works in talent acquisition at a commercial real estate finance company.

From September 2012 to June 2013, Jana held position of secretary for the Druze Association of Edmonton in Alberta. In 2015, she co-chaired the organizing committee for the Run for It 5K Run/Walk held that year on November 1st. Jana has also participated in various Ladies’ Auxiliary initiatives, such as hikes, a bake sale and flea market.

Sara Aboushakra

Board Member

Sara Aboushakra was born in Sydney, Australia, and moved to Lebanon at a young age. She later relocated to the US after marrying her husband Rami Aboushakra and graduated from Marymount University with a degree in accounting.  After 3 years of working they started a family and now with two loving kids, daughter Syreen and son Kenan. 

As an active member of the ADS Community for over 5 years, she’s inspired to give back to the DC Druze society as a Board member to help create a strong foundation for our community.  She’s also motivated in supporting our ADS DC Chapter in growing, uniting and keeping our Druze faith alive for our future generation.

Amal Fayad

Board Member

Amal Halabi Fayad was born in Mtein North of Lebanon. She is married to Moufid Fayad from Sofar, Lebanon. Amal has a son named Michael who is 13 years old. Amal came to the United States of America in 2006. Her first job was working in child care in order to be with her son. Currently she is an Assistant Cafeteria Manager at the Spotsylvania County School.

Amal is a very energetic person who loves to live life to the fullest. She loves to bring people together. She is proud to be part of the board of the ADS Chapter of Washington D.C. 

Ghassan khalek

Board Member

Ghassan was born in Lebanon and moved to the U.S. in 1972. He graduated from George Washington University in 1980 with B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He then acquired his master’s degree in Engineering Management in 1984. Ghassan currently works for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and has been there since 1984.

Ghassan has been an ADS member for the past 48 years. He attended over seventeen ADS conventions, the first being in West Virginia in 1975. Ghassan held several positions on the Washington DC Chapter Board in the past including President and Vice President. In addition, he previously served on the ADS National Board for four years.

Ghassan is married to Iman Khalek and have two children, Ronny and Lara.

May Andari

Board Member

May has been an active member of the ADS since the 1980’s and has served in the Washington, D.C. Chapter for the last several years. She was Chairwoman of the ADS Ladies Auxiliary of Washington, D.C. from 2014-16, and looks forward to serving on the board to support the Druze community in our area.

May returned permanently to northern Virginia about seven years ago, after retiring to Lebanon in 1995 with her late husband, Yousif Andary. May enjoys her spare time with her grandchildren, Jenna and Mia, and her daughter and son-in-law, Dunia and Salah. May is dedicated to fitness and loves to join and help organize hikes for the ADS.

Nazek Khazam

Board Member

Nazek Khazam moved to the US from Lebanon in the 1980s and was immediately welcomed into the ADS community in Southern California. She was inspired by their hard work, dedication and commitment to building a sense of community and maintaining the Druze cultural traditions. Since then, she has been actively involved with the ADS from serving on the ADS ladies auxiliary board to helping establish the Arabic school in the Southern California chapter. In addition to being an active board member, she volunteered as an Arabic teacher for over 9 years helping students learn our language and culture. Her unique ability to build relationships and bring people together are felt throughout the community.

Nazek was as a bilingual educator and cultural advisor in California for over 20 years. She is a unifying force, a wonderful mother and embodies an optimistic spirit.  We are excited to welcome Nazek as a community leader and member of the DC Chapter.