The ADS DC Chapter is excited to host a virtual lecture and an interative session on the topic of “The Tawhid Identify and the Contemporary Challenges” on Tuesday, May 26th @7:30PM over the Zoom platform. Here are more details:

  • Topic: The Tawhid Identity and the Contemporary Challenges (الهوية التوحيدية والتحديات المعاصرة)
  • Speaker: Dr. & Shaikh Ghassan Boudiab
  • Facilitator: Amid Kasamani
  • Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
  • Time: 7:30PM – 9PM
  • Target Audience: ADYA (18 ~ 35 years old), but all ages are also welcomed
  • Meeting Format: Introductory Presentation to set the stage by the speaker (20 ~ 30 minutes), followed by a facilitated and interactive session of questions and answers (45 ~ 60 minutes)
  • Meeting Platform: Virtual using the Zoom application (more details to come)

 Hope to see you there!

ADS DC Chapter